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Catch A Page collects leads from various white or yellow pages around the globe and saves the data to Excel for the purpose of your direct marketing campaigns.

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113 country sources available today!
Australian Yellow Pages Extractor

Save the yellow, or white pages to your PC, into a neat Excel spreadsheet...

Yes we can! Catchapage is our most powerful data miner. On top of all the web sources that our other products (PageRaptor & ZoloPages) can scrape, Catchapage also takes on such web sources that are normally closed to data extraction. It also processes data published with other alphabets.

The CAP technology is based on plugins that are completely independent from the main application. We can therefore develop ad-hoc extraction templates that will suit your specialized needs and that we will not make public on this site. Discretion is our motto.

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Catchapage offers a unique pay-per-save system. You collect data & save as you go.

Gather leads from the web, even in Chinese: it's fast and automatic!

Developed by Alfred Zolo, Catchapage is a rock solid webscraper
that can collect data from the main Western yellow pages
(USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, etc.) and save it
to Excel. Catchapage can also capture web data from
non-Latin web sources around the globe, such as the Chinese,
Thai, Arabic, Indonesian, Greek or Czech yellow pages, etc.

CatchaPage is very simple to use: surf the web, select the data,
press "capture", and save to your hard drive.

Bonus: one license is valid for several PCs.

Free Download Version 1.4aa [10/19/2015]

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